Like any one of the tens of thousands of teachers who've chosen AVer over the years, you'll quickly see just how easy it is to create a richer learning environment with an AVer visualiser.

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A+ Suite combines standalone visualiser (document camera) software with plug-ins for Microsoft® Office® and IWB software to boost presentations and lessons through visualiser (document camera) integration.


AVerTouch is ultra-powerful software designed exclusively for AVer visualizers. One touch connects your visualizer with mobile devices for content sharing, and you can sync to the cloud to automatically save annotated, captured, and recorded files. Teaching is incredibly fun when you use AVerTouch to engage with your students.

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The CaptiSphere allows you to annotate, create, captivate and share! You can easily create your lesson plan with incorporate, crop, and annotate videos. When you want to add images, you can search and add images directly from Google ImageTM search or upload an image from your PC or Google DriveTM . Teachers can not only create, record and share their custom lessons, but also they can interactively send their quizzes to students' devices, ensuring their direct participation in the classroom session and giving you more time to interact with your students!

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Advanced Standalone Visualiser Software
This standalone visualiser software for PC and Mac gives users access to many handy features, like video recording, picture-in-picture and annotation, and a number of unique, advanced features, like automatic image correction, side-by-side comparison, a personalised media library and one-click upload to social media & file sharing sites. The simplified design of Sphere2’s user interface allows users of all ages to master the software in mere minutes.
* Formerly AVerVision 4
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Sphere Lite

Sphere Lite

Sphere Lite is now available for Chrome™ browers!
Download the app on the Chrome™ web store and stream live video from your visualizer (document camera).

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Advanced Standalone Visualiser Software
The ClassSend tablet/Chrome app allows teachers to engage students in a truly interactive, one-to-one learning environment. Teachers can instantly push snapshots of live visualizer (document camera) images to all connected student devices, letting students add their own notes to images and send them right back to the teacher to share with the whole class. Additionally, it allows teachers to improve classroom management and make learning more fun in the classroom through in-class interactive quizzes.

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AVer’s CaptureShare is a powerful free application that helps teachers turn AVer visualisers & PTZ cameras into an even more effective distance learning collaboration tool. Teachers can easily record video, live stream, and capture still images during class. Simply put, with CaptureShare teachers can achieve a richer collaborative classroom video conferencing experience than ever before.

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A+ Plug-in for Excel

Open the visualiser tool to view the live images streaming from your visualiser or to capture high resolution images to insert right into the open Excel® file. Whether you’re archiving reports or preparing for class, the A+ Plug-in for Excel is a great timesaver.

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A+ Plug-in for Flash

A live image no matter the software
A simple installation integrates AVer visualiser with most IWB software. It's as simple as downloading the Interactive White Board Plug-in and connecting your AVer visualiser to your computer. Open your IWB software and insert the AVerVision Flash Interface. Voila! you're done. You now have a live AVer visualiser image in your IWB software and bever again would you need to toggle back and forth between software.

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A+ Plug-in for Word

Integrate visualiser images and content into any MS Word® document through AVer’s handy A+ Plug-in for Word, available with A+ Suite. Open the visualiser tool to view the live images streaming from your visualiser or to capture high resolution images to insert right into the open Word® file.

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A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint

The unique A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint allows users to view and control live visualiser images as well as to access helpful presentation/teaching tools directly via Microsoft® PowerPoint® on a PC or Mac, leveraging the familiarity and functionality of this exceedingly popular presentation software. Access your visualiser, annotation tools, teaching tools, screen capture and screen recording while in “Slide Show” mode via the floating toolbox, or take advantage of presentation tools like Spotlight and Visor. Put the power of AVerVision visualisers at your fingertips with this one-of-a-kind plug-in.

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