Quick Charge & Sync at Once

Charge up to 30 different tablets in no time with full 3A DC power provided. C30u+ can also quickly sync teaching data to student devices, effectively saving the hassle of managing files, apps and user profiles individually for teachers.


Plug-n-Charge & Cable Management

Connect devices to USB Type-C ports from the front of the cart, and start charging instantly. Besides, the design of pulling out shelves can avoid complications of accessing devices for students.


Smart Ventilation

Two cooling fans are installed on the rear side of C30u+, and they can perfectly enhance nature airflow and cooling. Worry no more about over heating thanks to the best air circulation of fans working together with ventilation holes on C30u+.


Protect Your Assets

Secure your assets safely thanks to C30u+'s steel doors and three-point locks. This extra-tough design effectively protects against any theft or vandalism.


LED Panel & Multi-Device Support

Individual LED indicators for each device let IT managers control charging and syncing progress effortlessly. With two auxiliary power outlets, C30u+ can power other teaching equipment for M-learning.

Free Your Space

With surprisingly small footprint, C30u+ is designed to charge and sync up to 30 devices. It can fit excellently in any size of classrooms and brings you a clutter-free one.


Hardware Specifications

  • 1 Lockable doors
  • 2 Handle
  • 3 5' lockable casters
  • 4 5' casters
  • 1 LED panel
  • 2 Auxiliary outlets
  • 3 Power cable wrap brackets
  • 4 Power switch
  • 5 Power cord socket
  • 1 Cooling fans