Upright Design for Convenience & Safety

An upright design offers a decisive space advantage, and a weighted base decreases the risk of the M11-8MV being knocked over, giving you a safer learning environment. Six distinct buttons ensure first-time users can dive right into teaching with it.

Flexible & Durable Mechanical Arm

Equipped with a durable mechanical arm and flexible joint, the M11-8MV provides a steady image and helps you make a lasting impact. Also, its matte-black finish and slender design bring modern style to the classroom!


Crystal-Clear Details with 20X Digital Zoom

With 8 megapixels and a 20X digital zoom, the M11-8MV can magnify fine textures and let students easily see details from wherever they’re sitting. Never again deal with students crowding around, pushing and shoving to get a closer look.

A3 Shooting Area for Any Angle

The M11-8MV’s A3 shooting area and rotatable camera allow you to freely present large documents and 3D models from any angle - whether you’re teaching in-class or online. A thoughtful position indicator on the camera head ensures the correct display angle.


Playback for Content Evolution

Struggling to monitor class progress? Video playback eases your pain! Images and videos captured by the M11-8MV can be replayed instantly and repeatedly, so you can level-up your lesson-planning efficiency.

Make Your Mouse a Handy Pen

Connect your mouse to the M11-8MV to add annotations. Use this feature to emphasize key points that students can pick up with a glance, and instantly transform traditional textbooks into digital resources!


Built-In Microphone

There’s no need to bother with an extra microphone. The M11-8MV’s built-in mic clearly picks up voices even when speakers are up to three meters away with their backs to it. Micro SD and USB slots let you store recorded files however you prefer.

Multiple I/O Ports Provide Diversity

Diverse I/O ports fulfill various connection needs! The M11-8MV links to displays through HDMI and VGA. Also, it connects to computers via USB cable for convenient charging.


AVerTouch Software

AVerTouch is ultra-powerful software designed exclusively for AVer visualizers. One touch connects your visualizer with mobile devices for content sharing, and you can sync to the cloud to automatically save annotated, captured, and recorded files. Teaching is incredibly fun when you use AVerTouch to engage with your students.

Tap to Connect
Tap to Connect
Cloud Sync
Auto Focus
Curve Flattening
Super Resolution


  • Image Sensor
    • 1/3.06" CMOS
    Total Pixels
    • 8 Megapixels
  • Frame Rate
    • 60fps
    Output Resolution
    • Full HD 1080p (3168 x 2376 via USB)
  • Zoom
    • 20X Digital Zoom
    Shooting Area
    • A3 (420 x 315 mm)
      • Image Rotation
        • 0° / 180°
      • Internal Storage
        • 120 pictures at 2 megapixels each
      • External Storage
        • Micro SD & USB Thumb Drive (up to FAT32 / 32 GB)
      • Effects
        • Color
        • B&W
        • Negative
      • Image Adjustments
        (White Balance / Exposure)
        • Auto / Manual
      • Image Playback
        • Yes
      • Recording
        • Yes, via compound keys
      • Capturing
        • Yes, via compound keys
      • Onboard Annotation
        • Yes
      • Timer
        • Yes, via software
      • Picture-by-Picture
        • Yes
      • Preview Modes
        • Normal, Motion, High Quality
      • User profiles
        • 3
      • Flicker Filter Control
        • Yes
      • ePTZ
        • Yes, via software
      • Cloud Library
        • Yes, via software
      • Light Source
        • Embedded LED Lamp
      • Mic
        • Built-in
      • USB Ports
        • Type-A x 1 for USB thumb drive
        • Mini USB x 1 for power
      • HDMI Port
        • 1 out
      • VGA Port
        • 1 out
      • Dimensions (W x H x D)
        • Operating: 116.7 x 360.4 x 303.4 mm
        • Folded: 116.7 x 296.1 x 143.1 mm
      • Weight
        • 0.83 kg (1.83 lbs)
      • Warranty
        • Visualizer: 3 years
        • Accessories: 1 year
      • Power Source
        • Mini-USB in, 5V/1A
      • Software
        • AVerTouch
      • Windows® OS
        • Windows® 7, 10, 11
      • Mac® OS
        • macOS®10.15, 11, 12
      • Chrome™ OS
        • Chrome OS™ 75 or later
      • Picture-in-Picture
        • Yes
      • Package Contents
        • M11-8MV Unit
        • QR Code Card
        • USB Cable
      • Optional Accessories
        • Anti-Glare Sheet
        • Carrying Bag

      * Specifications may vary depending on location and are subject to change without notice.



      • Optional:

        Anti-glare sheet
      • Optional:

        Carrying bag
      • * Please contact local authorized dealer/distributor for purchasing optional accessories.

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